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Cross-border cooperation in Ukraine: the economic aspect

Cross-border cooperation in Ukraine: the economic aspect.


Serhiy Davydenko, Academy of Financial Management, Ministry of Finances of Ukraine,

Olha Yehorova, Regional Branch of the National Institute of Strategic Studies in Uzhgorod,

ISSN: 1335-3608


The article is devoted to the problems of cross-border economic cooperation of Ukraine in the context of solving problems of regional competitiveness and strengthen economic security. It considers potential of new forms and mechanisms of cross-border economic cooperation to strengthen the economic security of the state, in particular cross-border industrial parks. It indicates the need to address the issue of forming methods of monitoring and forecasting results of cross-border industrial parks and other forms of cross-border cooperation.


Cross-border cooperation. Special regime of economic activity. Industrial park. Cross-border industrial park. Economic security of the state.

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DAVYDENKO, Serhiy – YEHOROVA, Olha. Cross-border cooperation in Ukraine: the economic aspect. Individual and Society, 2012, Vol. 15, No. 4.

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