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Protižidovské nepokoje po druhej svetovej vojne – rok 1945 na východnom Slovensku

Anti-Jewish riots after World War II – East Slovakia in 1945


Jana Šišjaková, Fakulta humanitných vied UMB,

ISSN: 1335-3608


Central Europe was affected by strong anti-Semitic wave after World War II. Slovakia wasn't an exception in this way. Especially its eastern regions had to deal with this problem. That region was affected by war events and its consequences in a large extent (catastrophic social situation, national problems, insufficient food-supply and smuggling). The first anti-Jewish actions happened in Košice, Humenné and Prešov in the first days and the first weeks after the end of World War II. Consequently it spread into other parts of Slovakia, too. This Anti-Jewish propaganda was connected with economic, social as well as national motives. Mostly it spread through posters and demonstrations. Murders of the Jews in Snina district in November and December 1945 presents a specific problem. 


Jews. Anti-Jewish propaganda. East Slovakia. Snina district.

Bibliographic information

ŠIŠJAKOVÁ, Jana. Anti-Jewish riots after World War II – East Slovakia in 1945. Individual and Society, 2008, Vol. 11, Nr. 2.

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