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Values and values orientations in history mirror (brief study)

Hodnoty a hodnotové orientácie v zrkadle dejín


Lucia Ištvániková, Spoločenskovedný ústav SAV, 

Martin Čižmárik, Spoločenskovedný ústav SAV, 

ISSN: 1335-3608


The problems of personal values are supposed to be extraordinarily important part of (common) life and professional research. Main goal of this study is to give the historical review (chronology) of personal values research. In the first part we present the conception of values from the philosophical point of view followed by the most significant theories of values created by authors like E. Spranger, Ch, Morris, M. Rokeach, G. Hofstede, R. Inglehart and S. H.  Schwartz. The second part concerns with relationships among values, values system and psychological categories, for example: attitudes, norms, needs and behaviour. The third part is devoted to the definition of value. Similar attributes of particular definitions by different authors are presented. The fourth part postulates the concept of values orientation, which becomes more used and pronounced at the present. Therefore the relationship between values orientation and value was studied and their similarities and differences were investigated.

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 IŠTVÁNIKOVÁ, Lucia - ČIŽMÁRIK, Martin. Values ​​and value orientations in history mirror (brief study). Individual and Society, 2007, Vol. 10, No. 2.

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